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A private members-only collective of 1,000 amazing skincare professionals focused on elevating each other and the space.

Skyndicate Pass

Skyndicate Pass NFT

Membership includes access to our private Discord, early access to Skyndicate premium content, events, digital and skincare product collaborations exclusively for Skyndicate members, and other benefits to be revealed.

The Skyndicate NFT mint will be in 2022 Q4. To qualify for the mint, you must be on the allowlist. Join our Discord to obtain access to our PREMINT page to signup for the allowlist.


Private access to Skyndicate Discord Server with verified skincare professionals and hyper-curated peer groups.


Members receive access to exclusive collaborations and drops with skincare product companies and digital creators.


Level-up with the latest advancements in skincare, clinical reviews, and how to thrive in the evolving digital economy.


Amplify your professional visibility and practice performance in the skincare community.

Become a Member

  • DISCORD: Join our Discord Server and obtain a Verified role. Discord Waitlist
    Step 1
  • VERIFY: In Discord, you will need to verify your professional licensure. Once verified, you will receive a "Verified Pro" role in the Discord. The Skyndicate Collective is a focused group of skincare professionals.
    Step 2
  • DIGITAL WALLET: Create a free MetaMask digital wallet to hold your Skyndicate Pass NFT. Your digital wallet is for holding cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Learn more in the Discord.
    Step 3
  • PREMINT: Signup for the Allowlist. Link is in the Discord. We are using Premint to qualify and verify the Allowlist. The Allowlist will determine who can mint and become a member.
    Step 4
  • MINT: When the SKYNDICATΞ Collective Pass launches, you will have the opportunity mint or purchase the membership NFT. Membership is limited. Upon mint or purchase, your SKYNDICATΞ Collective Pass NFT will appear in your digital wallet. Learn more in the Discord.
    Step 5

Members in the SKYNDICATΞ community are verified professionals in the skincare industry. Together we have assembled to advance skincare excellence, explore the digital economy, and elevate each other. While some are new to crypto and learning Web3, others are total experts.

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